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We now accept credit card payments. If you wish to pay via credit card, please fill out the forms and either fax, email or mail them to us. Be sure to include your email address. When we receive your paperwork we will send you an invoice and you can pay securely over the internet or if you wish, we can call you and process your payment manually . The credit cards that we accept are:

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Whole Herd Performance Program™

The Composite Beef Cattle Registry Whole Herd Performance Program (WHPP™) is for the tracking of registrations and performance records by participating breeders. Participation in WHPP™ is voluntary and breeders may wish to not participate.

If a breeder chooses not to participate, they will receive Pedigree Certificates with no performance data or EPDs.

Historically, many associations/registries genetic evaluations have been based on weaned and/or registered progeny and from females that failed to reproduce or whose progeny were not registered was not required. However, inventory based Whole Herd Performance Program (WHPP™) requires collection of annual production and performance records on all cattle within a herd. Cattle that are registered with other breed registries are exempt from the program with the exception that if they are bred to produce an animal to be registered with the Composite Beef Cattle Registry, they must be recorded.

The objective of WHPP™ is to gather reproductive and performance data on all animals. It does not, however, seek to control which animals will be registered. That remains a decision of individual breeders. With, performance records (or disposal codes) are required on all calves produced by each breeder, but whether any or all of those calves receive registration papers is the breeder’s decision.


DNA Testing



The Composite Beef Cattle Registry has chosen to have Igenity provide DNA testing for:

When submitting your order for testing, PLEASE be sure to fill out for the results to be sent to the Composite Beef Cattle Registry.

 The IGENITY profile is a powerful and practical tool that can create value for the industry right now.  The Igenity profile test for the following:

Birth Weight
Stayability (longevity)
Calving Ease Direct
Heifer Pregnancy Rate
Calving ease Maternal
Residual Feed Intake
Ribeye Area
Average Daily Gain
Fat Thickness
Breed-specific horned/polled
Multisire Parentage
BVD-PI Diagnostic Test