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Composite Beef Cattle Registry

The Composite Beef Cattle Registry is open to all cattle producers that have a need for registering their animals to identify, track, document and maintain the ancestry of past generations and future offspring.  Through performance  testing, we provide true multi-breed genetic evaluations to breeders on traits that allows for comparing of animals regardless of breed composition.

The Composite Beef Cattle Registry offers an affordable and efficient system to register cattle of any breed or combination of breeds.  We also register cattle that do not qualify for registration in a registry due to percentage of blood, the breed crosses, or the breed herdbook is closed.


“Utilizing composite breeding
is the simplest, most predictable way
to increase efficiency and maintain
long-term profitability in the beef

Strengths of Composite Beef Cattle

  • Composite Cattle posses high levels of hybrid vigor

  • Composite Cattle because of hybrid vigor are more productive

  • Composite Cattle produce uniform animals

  • Composite Cattle utilizes the strength of the contributing breeds

Composite bulls tend to have more longevity because of the direct hybrid vigor that they posses. Records have shown that composite bulls on average achieve a 30% increase in pregnancy rates over a 6 week breeding period than do pure-bred bulls.

Research conducted at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center indicates heterosis yields 25% more lifetime cow productivity and 38% more cow longevity. All told, composite females are estimated to be 30% more productive over their lifetimes, due to increased fertility, calf survivability, increased weaning weights and cow longevity. MARC research has also shown that composite beef cattle provide a very efficient alternative to more complex systems of cross breeding while retaining high levels of the hybrid vigor.

The future performance of a breeding herd of cows is determined by
the genetic and physical standards of the replacement heifers.


By utilizing composite breeding,
production can be increased by 20-25%



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